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Family, whether the 3 of us, or a wider group, are to be treasured.

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13 May 2017

Sister Act

Another great show passing through Singapore, and anyone who knows us knows we are not going to be able to resist! Unfortunately sound in Singapore is always quite low, so it didn't have the impact the London performance had (and, when we saw it in London, Whoopi was in the lead role - that can't be beaten either) ... but it was still lots of fun!


12 May 2017

The Three Phantoms

We weren't sure about going to this one - a different theatre, and no real idea what it would involve. The three phantoms is essentially a concert performed by three actors who have played the part of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. In fact, joined by other stars of musicals and a simple piano and cello accompaniment, it was a great night out. Having also won 'meet and greet' tickets, we got to have our photos taken with the full cast after the show!



14 April 2017

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

April gave us a couple of long weekends - so we booked a couple of trips to different parts of Malaysia. First up was Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, with a couple of viator/tripadvisor excursions. We arrived Friday morning, checked into the hotel, and were straight out to explore the Batu Caves, a series of Hindu shrines just outside of the capital. On the way, we called in at the Royal Selangor factory to see pewterware being made.
11 February 2017


Another popular show passed through Singapore, so, of course we had to go!

Phantom in Singapore Phantom in Singapore

29 December 2016

Shanhong's Mum and Dad bought a new apartment

Although Shanhong's dad is in his 80s and mum not far behind, they surprised us this year by announcing they would not be staying in Beihai for Christmas/New Year, but would be going to Hainan island.  A bit of probing later and we discover they had bought a new apartment!

So. after Christmas in our own place in Beihai, we joined them for the start of their new adventure, arriving in their new, but empty apartment in a small town on the island of Hainan. Within the first two days we had deliveries of furniture to be built, items ordered online, items shipped from Beihai, contractors trying to finish various bits of plumbing and electrics, internet, electricity and gas to arrange.... and hence a busy time. The pictures here, however, hopefully show all went well, and they have a beautiful place with a fantastic sea view!

29 October 2016


Time for another show in Singapore - Wicked! passing through for the second time. Shanhong, in particular, must have seen this show 5 or 6 times now - but it's still a good one.

wicked1 wicked2 wicked3


09 September 2016

Annie in Singapore

I've said it before - but a bonus of living in Singapore is a steady stream of touring Musicals. The latest was the American National Tour of Annie - a fun show - but unfortunately a disappointing production - left feeling my school could have done better!  Sound in Singapore is always "low" whereas the London West End shows shake the auditorium!

annie1 annie2

16 July 2016

David Copperfield

Our final show in Vegas was to see David Copperfield and some close-up magic. I won't give the game away here - needless to say we left happily baffled!

copperfield1 copperfield2 

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