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Family, whether the 3 of us, or a wider group, are to be treasured.

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We simply love our musicals, and occasional other shows/concerts.

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There is nothing better than a day out, except, of course, multiple days out!
25 November 2017

The Addams Family

Another show passing through on the back of a UK West End run. Very different, as you might expect, but lots of fun - I certainly enjoyed it!


11 November 2017

Sound of Music

Another show passing through! Not Shanhong's favourite - but actually a good production - maybe I'm biased as it came from the West End - but the cast were great - and the local children also good. So, a good time was had by all!  Let's face it - the tunes are very catchy!


23 September 2017

West Side Story

Billed as the Number 1 Greatest Musical in the World - we were excited to have West Side Story passing through Singapore. On an Asian tour direct from Broadway, this had everything going for it - but turned out to be a real disappointment. We didn't go on opening night - so there was no excuse - but sound levels were appalling and the cast and orchestra simply seemed unrehearsed. I am quite sure, with the right cast - and a good sound crew - this could indeed be a great show... but for this tour - our school production 5 years ago was better.


19 August 2017

Forbidden City - Portrait of an Empress

I wasn't sure about this one - I'm sorry - this was written and created in Singapore - and I guess I had no idea what to expect - but I have to say I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Great songs, fantastic costumes, and a simple, but highly effective set made this as good as any Broadway or West End show I have ever seen, and would very happily pay to see again. This deserves to make it to the West End - and if it does - I recommend you go to see it!


10 July 2017

North Devon

Back in the UK we had a trip down to Devon again - this time staying in the north part of the county. Amongst our various trips and activities was a day at Dunster Castle. The castle itself is lovely, but so are the grounds, and, in true Downton Abbey style, we had a tour of the servant's quarters.
08 July 2017

Hot Air Ballooning

Always keen to try new things, we had our first trip in a Hot Air Balloon. As you'll see from the pics - all went well. It's amazing just how big the balloon is - and, in comparison, how small the bucket is!  If you are interested - I can thoroughly recommend this company - they were fantastic.  http://hotair-balloonrides.co.uk/
05 July 2017

Cyprus - Troodos

Another quick blog post from Cyprus - this time a visit to Kykkos Monestery in the Troodos Mountains. One of the richest and best known monasteries, the galleried murals are just fantastic.  Enjoy!
01 July 2017

Cyprus - Kourion

Our main trip was to be Cyprus - a chance to take Shanhong to see the country of my birth!  Lots of day trips here to share, all in the main 'reports' section of this site. However, here is a glance at one of the day trips - Kourion. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please come back soon for more news and pics from our life.
I‘m Trevor
Let Me Tell You About Myself

I'm half a century old, and have been teaching for a quarter of a century! I have the most beautiful wife, and the best-behaved child ever, and life is good!

I have been living in Singapore for getting on for ten years, having also lived and worked in the UK, Europe, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

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Trevor Hughes

Hi, I'm a British teacher living in Singapore. This blog is to share my daily life and trips. Enjoy!.


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Where we live

  • Blue Coast International, Beihai, China.

    Our first home was bought on the internet, unseen! It has turned out to be  lovely place, however, with plenty of space for visitors.
  • Horizon New Town - Beihai, China.

    We bought an apartment - large, but bare concrete - and it has remained empty as an investment - but, big news, in 2016 we had it fitted out, so here are the before and after pics!

  • Champagne Garden - Bo Ao, Hainan, China.

    Shanhong's mum and dad bought this one in Shanhong's name - theirs to live in and enjoy for their lifetime - ours 'in the will' in the future. 

  • The Nettlefolds, Telford, England.

    When mum moved in with my brother and the family home was sold, we needed a place to stay!  This little apartment has provided that place and worked really well for us.
  • Sylvan Lodge, Singapore

    Does this one count? We do not own this one, my school pays the rent allowance that covers it... but it is the place we spend most time in a given year - so here is the Singapore home.
  • The New One! - Dalian, China.

    Life is interesting!  We've bought another one in China - this time in Dalian - for Shanhong's parents to live in. :-)