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Trevor - Work History

From July, 2009 I have been working at SJI International School in Singapore.

The Values of the SJI International School Community are:

Spirituality, Mutual Respect, Internationalism, Leadership, Experiences, Service

We should:
• learn what is true, just, beautiful and good guided by the Catholic philosophy that finds harmony not contradiction in spirit and matter, faith and reason.
• take full advantage of the opportunities provided for prayer and/or reflection in the school, consistent with the SJI motto of ‘Ora et labora’ (Prayer and Work).
• follow one’s own faith whatever it might be. (special provision is made for children of Catholic faith.)

Mutual respect
We should:
• treat each other with respect, fairness and kindness;
• communicate openly and frankly;
• be sensitive to other people’s opinions and aspirations;
• make compromises with respect to our own preferences for the sake of the community;
• as leaders make decisions as democratically as possible, through genuine consultation with all stakeholders, including students, parents, staff and board members.

We should:
• seek to find out about and understand the cultures of other community members;
• sustain an interest in our own languages and cultures;
• exploit, in an educational sense, the resource of cultural diversity amongst the community and celebrate our diversity;
• develop a perspective as global citizens through talks, discussions and curriculum activities;
• avoid prejudice and ensure that our opinions about other communities are based upon evidence.

We should:
• be willing and equipped to take responsibility and to lead others, especially in the service of the less fortunate;
• develop the capacity to lead through inspiration rather than by exercising authority.

We should:
• be willing to be taken out of our physical and psychological ‘comfort zone’ through challenging, character building experiences;
• expect, as we get older, that the challenges will be more demanding;
• integrate aspects of the formal curriculum into adventurous and physically stretching expeditions so that we learn in a holistic, cross curricular and unforgettable way.

We should:
• be generally helpful to everyone around us;
• develop skills and habits that will enable us to serve the school, nation and global community;
• offer practical support to the less fortunate members of these communities;
• serve the needs of future generations by reducing our school community’s use of water and energy, recycling unwanted products whenever possible and planting trees and preserving all species on campus. Similar contributions should also be made at a national and global level.


For more details of the school - visit www.sji-international.com.sg .



Direct from university I took a job with ITnet Ltd, the computer arm of Cadbury Schweppes in the UK, and now part of Serco Group. I was there for 3 years as a Senior Analyst Programmer working on systems as diverse as Stock/Share management systems to Coca-Cola Vending machines.

Although I enjoyed my time in computing, I was very happy to return to my original plan of a career, that of teaching Secondary Mathematics. During my teaching career, I have worked at the following schools:


King Edward VIIth, Aston, Birmingham, England

British Yeoward School, Tenerife, Canary Isles

St Oswald's School, Alnwick, England

New English School, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The British School in the Netherlands, Voorschoten, The Netherlands

St. John's International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Shanghai Rego International School, Shanghai, P.R. of China

Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

PonsVista International Study Centre, Beijing, P.R. of China



I was born in Akrotiri, Cyprus as the youngest child in a family of 4 children, but moved to England at the age of 5.

I lived in Shrewsbury, England with my parents until I left home to go to university, where I studied for a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Education at Loughbourough University of Technology. I developed a lifelong love of learning which led to a M.A. in Education through the Open University, a M.Sc. in Computer Enhanced Mathematics Education at Napier University and a B.A. in Theology and Religion at Oxford Brookes University. and a Law Degree at Nottingham Trent University. I am now enrolled on a Doctorate of Education course, also with Nottingham Trent.

I became a Christian at the age of 14 and my faith remains an important part of my life today.

I met my wife, Shanhong, whilst teaching in Shanghai - and we were married 'officially' in China in 2006 - but more conventionally in a ceremony before family and friends in Chiang Mai, Thailand in July 2007.

We do not have children but 'Teddy' acts as a first-born son!


Thanks for checking out my blog! Please come back soon for more news and pics from our life.
I‘m Trevor
Let Me Tell You About Myself

I'm half a century old, and have been teaching for a quarter of a century! I have the most beautiful wife, and the best-behaved child ever, and life is good!

I have been living in Singapore for getting on for ten years, having also lived and worked in the UK, Europe, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

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Trevor Hughes

Hi, I'm a British teacher living in Singapore. This blog is to share my daily life and trips. Enjoy!.


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