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  • The final show on this initial London visit was 42nd Street. Unfortunately, not one we enjoyed. If you are into tap - it has its moments, but unfortunately, nothing else!

  • One of the parents in Shanhong's school was taking part in an opera (she's in the picture below), and very kindly treated us to tickets!  So a night at the opera it was!  Unfortunately the Singapore Lyric Opera does not offer video clips of their work - and so I cannot show you anything of what we saw. However, as there was one aria I recognised, I thought I would include a version of that song instead. What made it even more special, is that is one of the pieces Shanhong had to sing to enter her Conservatory as a young student!

     Opera Double Bill  Opera Double Bill Opera Double Bill

  • Hot on the heels of School of Rock Friday night, and Matilda Saturday lunchtime, Saturday night we were off again, to Disney's Aladdin!

  • This was a moment of madness! Having spotted a poster while walking around town, and discovering a) tickets were VERY cheap and b) the theatre was off the same main road as our hotel, we booked to go and see Billy Elliot, in Hungarian! 

  • Still enjoying London Theatre, after a morning at Hillsong Church, we went to see a Matinee performance of "Brief Encounter" held in a cinema. Mixing live theatre with music (the actors playing all the instruments themselves), and with cinema effects too, this was surprisingly good!

  • Another popular show passed through Singapore, so, of course we had to go!

    Phantom in Singapore Phantom in Singapore

  • David Foster came to the Canadian International School in Singapore, where Shanhong works.

    David Foster in Singapore David Foster in Singapore David Foster in Singapore

    For anyone who does not know David Foster, he is most famous for discovering other artists, and writing songs for them.

    Check out the names on this collection of David Foster hits!




  • As you know, we rarely miss a show when it comes to Singapore, and certainly not when it is one of the greats! So, we were not to miss to Evita!  It lived up to expectation too - great show!

  • I wasn't sure about this one - I'm sorry - this was written and created in Singapore - and I guess I had no idea what to expect - but I have to say I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Great songs, fantastic costumes, and a simple, but highly effective set made this as good as any Broadway or West End show I have ever seen, and would very happily pay to see again. This deserves to make it to the West End - and if it does - I recommend you go to see it!


  • First stop on our USA Holiday 2016 was Nashville, home of Country Music (and one of my favourite TV shows)!. Of course, no stay in Nashville is complete without a visit to the Grand Ole Opry House and the show that made Country Music famous!

    opry1 opry2 opry3 

  • There are some great churches in Singapore who invite some great artists!  This was Israel Houghton & New Breed.




  • Again, with few choices at the half-price booth - we plumped for "Kinky Boots" with only a very rough idea of the plot - and no idea what to expect. This was a surprise, and in a great way!  What a fantastic show!  The story is fun, the songs are catchy, the cast play their parts so, so well !  We loved it - smiled all night - and have already booked to see it again when it comes through Singapore in November.

  • Never one to miss the chance of a show - I managed to get a last minute booking for La Cage aux Folles in Wolverhampton on the way back from South Devon! Perhaps not one I'm queuing to see again - but it was fun!


  • The first time we had ever seen "Legally Blonde" was as it passed through Singapore on an Asian tour, but what a bundle of fun it was!
    Perhaps not the greatest musical ever written, but well worth seeing - at least once...  OMG!

  • It is extremely rare that we get to go out with members of the family - so when a 50's/60's music show passed through Telford, we persuaded my brother and sister-in-law to join us. It would just happen to turn out to be the same night as a World Cup England game.. poor Stevie! Fun show though - plenty of "singing along" !

  • After School of Rock on the Friday night, Saturday lunch saw us at the matinee for Matilda!  One of Shanhong's favourites from earlier trips to London - but somehow, not so exciting immediately after School of Rock!

  • I was truly blessed to be able to see my favourite Christian Singer, Michael W Smith, live in Singapore.

    Giving a mix of his hits and some great moments of worship, this just made me want to do his Alaskan Cruise even more!

    Michael W Smith in Singapore

    This song, one of my favourites, took me right back to Camp Tecumseh in New Jersey where this was the closing song of camp!




  • By request, some video clips from the ship. 
    Michael W Smith - singing with the ship's choir (passengers!)

    Laura Story

    and Mark Lowrie (sorry video cuts out mid-song! Mark wrote this song; there is an interesting version at www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaRpeMT1tjQ )

  • 2016 saw one of my dreams come true, when I finally got to go on a Michael W Smith cruise! Advertised for a few years now, the dates never matched the school holidays - but this year the dates worked - there was a wedding we hoped to go to - and everything came together to make the cruise a possibility. Held on one of the biggest cruise ships, we sailed in the Caribbean, and had all the normal cruise events with the bonus of additional extra concerts!

    These featured Michael W Smith himself (singer/songwriter/worship leader) as well as his friends Mark Lowry (comedian), Laura Story (singer/songwriter) and Pastor Jack (main speaker).

    michaelw mark lowry laurastory pastorjack

  • There are very few matinees at a good price - so, with limited choice, and a friend of Shanhong's joining us - we plumped for Motown - the Musical. It tells the tale - and has some good musical numbers - but was nothing special....

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please come back soon for more news and pics from our life.
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