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Family, whether the 3 of us, or a wider group, are to be treasured.

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We simply love our musicals, and occasional other shows/concerts.

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There is nothing better than a day out, except, of course, multiple days out!
12 July 2018

Kinky Boots

Again, with few choices at the half-price booth - we plumped for "Kinky Boots" with only a very rough idea of the plot - and no idea what to expect. This was a surprise, and in a great way!  What a fantastic show!  The story is fun, the songs are catchy, the cast play their parts so, so well !  We loved it - smiled all night - and have already booked to see it again when it comes through Singapore in November.

12 July 2018

Motown the Musical

There are very few matinees at a good price - so, with limited choice, and a friend of Shanhong's joining us - we plumped for Motown - the Musical. It tells the tale - and has some good musical numbers - but was nothing special....

11 July 2018

The King and I

Our last few nights in the UK were back in London and gave us a chance to see a couple more shows. One of the newest, having just opened was "The King and I" - and it lived up to the hype!

29 June 2018

Velocity - ZipWorld

Another adventure!  Having enjoyed our Zip in Haiti, and knowing we would be in Wales, I booked us on "Velocity" the longest zipline in Europe and the fastest in the world!  Located in the slate mountains of North West Wales, it was a long drive for a very short ride - but also a great experience!

28 June 2018

Lipstick on my Collar

It is extremely rare that we get to go out with members of the family - so when a 50's/60's music show passed through Telford, we persuaded my brother and sister-in-law to join us. It would just happen to turn out to be the same night as a World Cup England game.. poor Stevie! Fun show though - plenty of "singing along" !

23 June 2018

Billy Elliott

This was a moment of madness! Having spotted a poster while walking around town, and discovering a) tickets were VERY cheap and b) the theatre was off the same main road as our hotel, we booked to go and see Billy Elliot, in Hungarian! 

18 June 2018

42nd Street

The final show on this initial London visit was 42nd Street. Unfortunately, not one we enjoyed. If you are into tap - it has its moments, but unfortunately, nothing else!

17 June 2018

Brief Encounter

Still enjoying London Theatre, after a morning at Hillsong Church, we went to see a Matinee performance of "Brief Encounter" held in a cinema. Mixing live theatre with music (the actors playing all the instruments themselves), and with cinema effects too, this was surprisingly good!

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I‘m Trevor
Let Me Tell You About Myself

I'm half a century old, and have been teaching for a quarter of a century! I have the most beautiful wife, and the best-behaved child ever, and life is good!

I have been living in Singapore for getting on for ten years, having also lived and worked in the UK, Europe, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

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Trevor Hughes

Hi, I'm a British teacher living in Singapore. This blog is to share my daily life and trips. Enjoy!.


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Where we live

  • Blue Coast International, Beihai, China.

    Our first home was bought on the internet, unseen! It has turned out to be  lovely place, however, with plenty of space for visitors.
  • Champagne Garden - Bo Ao, Hainan, China.

    Shanhong's mum and dad bought this one in Shanhong's name - theirs to live in and enjoy for their lifetime - ours 'in the will' in the future. 

  • Horizon New Town - Beihai, China.

    We bought an apartment - large, but bare concrete - and it has remained empty as an investment - but, big news, in 2016 we had it fitted out, so here are the before and after pics!

  • The New One! - Dalian, China.

    Life is interesting!  We've bought another one in China - this time in Dalian - for Shanhong's parents to live in. :-)

  • The Nettlefolds, Telford, England.

    When mum moved in with my brother and the family home was sold, we needed a place to stay!  This little apartment has provided that place and worked really well for us.
  • Sylvan Lodge, Singapore

    Does this one count? We do not own this one, my school pays the rent allowance that covers it... but it is the place we spend most time in a given year - so here is the Singapore home.