04 – Beijing – Leaving Beijing

Well, for those of you who have been in touch regularly, it is no surprise that we are leaving Beijing soon (or, by the time you read this – have already left Beijing!). The study centre is an excellent project, and I would still recommend it to any groups wanting to visit China… but it was not for me, I need a school. Shanhong has been wonderfully accepting of my highly annoying desire to change jobs again, and we shall leave Beijing on the 27th June.
We will be going to teach at SJI International School in Singapore. SJI, St. Joseph’s Institute, is a well known and very old Catholic Boys’ school in Singapore. More recently, just three years ago, the International School opened for boys and girls, following a UK and IB curriculum. Shanhong will be the Primary Music specialist, and I will be teaching maths – no responsibilities this time – it’s back to the classroom.

Spirituality, Mutual Respect, Internationalism, Leadership, Experiences, Service

No doubt there will be plenty more about the new school once we are settled. We’ll have apartment pics too once we’ve found somewhere to live!
So, once we leave Beijing, no mail will be forwarded, so please either send mail to Shrewsbury before the end of July (1, Longville Road, Heath Farm, Shrewsbury, SY1 3HN, UK), or send to our Singapore address! We will be using the school address for mail, so send to Trevor or Shanhong:
c/o SJI International School, 490 Thomson Road, Singapore, 298191.
We are intending not to move quite so quickly next time, so hopefully this address can be written in ink in your address books!

The final trip?

Knowing that we do not have long left in Beijing, it was time to get out and see some of the places we have been ‘putting off for another day’. So, last Saturday, we got an early Metro to the North West of the city, to ‘Fragrant Hills’, with the plan of getting the cable car to the top of the hill, and having a slow, leisurely walk down. Unfortunately, we were greeting by a ‘cable car closed due to gales’ sign … and so a difficult decision was to be made. Shanhong said ‘up we go’! Needless to say, it was a long uphill walk, but the weather was great and the view, exceptional as the photos should show.

Teddy enjoyed it too… he found a nice place to live, but we couldn’t let him stay there… he needs to come with us to Singapore!

As an indication of just how unfit we have become, the next day, I could hardly stand up, and 4 days later I could still feel the muscles of my leg complaining about the walk!!

Keep in touch – come visit us in Singapore! Trevor, Shanhong, and Teddy. xx