So, where exactly are we and what are we doing? Prem Center is a large campus 25 km north of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Within the campus is a growing International School (with boarding facilities, a Visiting Schools Programme, Tennis and Cricket coaching facilities, and a conference centre. We are working in the Intenational School, Shanhong as the Junior School Music teacher and Trevor as the Deputy Senior School Principal. Our website introduces the International School as follows.

"Prem Tinsulanonda International School opened in August 2001. It has, in a short time, attracted students from Thailand, the region and beyond, and as of August of this year enrolment K ­12 is over 400 students. A fast growing section is boarding, where, unlike traditional dormitory residences, our students enjoy the privacy and comfort of apartment living. Because our teachers also live on campus, the care and support for our boarders is of a high quality. A family style ethos, where the older students know the younger ones and where teachers are able to devote time to get to know the whole student, has created a secure and happy learning environment".


The following pictures were all taken around the campus ­and reflect the beautiful environment in which we live and work, and our students learn.


The school is an IB World school offering the three programmes of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. That has meant a few adjustments for both of us as neither of us has taught IB before - ­the content is not a lot different, but the style of delivery and learning does have some big differences. Imagine writing essays in Maths ­- that's IB!

As a boarding school, staff live on campus and so we found ourselves allocated a particular apartment in one of the clusters. Obviously it is a lot smaller than the place we had in Shanghai ­but is certainly clean and comfortable. On moving in ­it was very empty indeed ­- see the pics below!


It stayed that way for the first six weeks, with just minimal changes. But, as promised, (Asian Tigers continue to provide excellent service), all our things arrived from Shanghai early in October, and that was followed by a package of curtains and sheets from Shanhong's parents. A couple of trips to 'Index' (an 'IKEA' like furniture store), a bit of thinking, and the borrowing of the school drill enabled us to transform the place ­and I am very happy to say it is now looking like a real home.

Here it is then, the apartment AFTER all our things arrived - ­I imagine you can spot the difference with the pictures above!


Nice hey? We like it! Keep in touch.... ...Trevor & Shanhong (& Teddy) xx