Wednesday 7th April, 2010

Today we left Jerusalem, and travelled 'on the road to Emmaus' where the resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples and revealed Himself in the scriptures (Luke 24). We then travelled on through open fields where David was believed to have challenged Goliath, to Palestine and the City of Bethlehem. The first photos below were taken at the Israel Museum, and show a scale model of the complete city during the time of Jesus. The Dead Sea Scrolls are also housed here.


The Fields of David and Goliath


After a winding uphill road and a border crossing, and a change of driver and crew, we entered into Bethlehem, birthplace of our Lord.

Bethlehem can be translated as 'House of Bread' (Hebrew) or 'House of Meat' (Arabic). Located in the West Bank, and believed to have been the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem was also where King David was born, and where the tomb of Isaac's wife Rachel can be found. The city is now home to one of the largest Palestinian Christian communities in the Middle East.

Bethlehem marked the last stop on our trip. We departed next day for the crossing back to Jordan, intending to see the site where Jesus was baptized by John, but queues for VAT refunds at the border meant time was short, and indeed, packed lunches met the bus en route for the airport! Flights back to Doha and to Singapore were all painless and we were soon back, having had a real 'trip of a lifetime'. Israel is a great place to visit on some many levels. The history is incredible, whether you have faith or not. If you are a believer, then there is even more to learn and experience - I highly recommend it!

This is the last of the Israel reports - hope you enjoyed 'being on the tour with us'!

Love always,
Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy