Since getting back from China, Shanhong and I have started a new habit of going for a walk each Saturday – partly simply to get out a little more, rather than sitting in front of the DVD player, and partly to get at least a little bit of exercise in the week! Although Singapore is small place, the government have heavily invested in a series of parks and ‘recreational areas’ for locals to enjoy a ‘Garden City’.

Our first trip took us to the ‘Gardens by the Bay’, one of the newest parks which opened in late 2011. Designed by a British company, the park covers 54 hectares and cost over $1 billion to create and covers some prime land in the newly redeveloped Marina Bay development; the map and web photo below show the impressive design of this park. Incidentally, this is just the first stage of a three stage development in this area, so there is much more to come!

The photos below are all from our own trip to the park, and include the ‘skywalk’ between the ‘supertrees’ and visits to the two main greenhouses.

As can be seen, it is a pretty impressive place. My brother will be impressed that we queued for over an hour to go in (yes, me, queuing for an hour for tickets to a garden!!). Of course, we also had some very nice Bratwurst for lunch at one of the cafes in the park – and ice-cream too – and Shanhong bought me a lovely polo shirt which she is wrapping up for Christmas!

The second of our walks since getting back took us to Labrador Park, and a walk along the beach and around part of the coastline. This is another area that is being redeveloped with high-quality condos and a marina. Very nice to look at, but with a price tag of around 1.5 million pounds for a 2 bedroom apartment, and over 10 million pounds for the penthouse, I am guessing we won’t be moving in very soon.

Finally, for this report, we also walked through the Hort Park. The Hort Park is a gardening hub, but forms part of a walking trail that includes a history trail and a treetop canopy walk. It also rather handily ends next to IKEA, which meant we could call in and plan some furniture for the apartment in England, as well as enjoy some Chicken Wings!!

More walks to follow! Take care and Keep in Touch, …… Trevor, Shanhong and Teddy xx