It has been some time since the last report was written as there has been nothing ‘major’ to report on. Weekends have seen us take some short walks and holidays have seen us back in China, and UK, but all have been reported on before –nowhere new.  So, this report will try and bring us a little more up to date – but it will be a little ‘bitty’. The first pics are from Beihai, where we have our family home.

In the summer, as well as visiting Beihai, we had a few days in Shanghai, a few days in Telford, UK, and a week in London where I was doing a course. Shanhong and Teddy also got to Korea with her parents! The following photos are all from those summer trips, including meeting our newest Goddaughter, Ella, and a meal at the Thai restaurant in Shanghai where we had our very first date.

We also had a visit in Singapore from my Nephew and his wife – nice to see them!  Their itinerary gave us ideas for many trips to come! We did manage to go with them to the Bird Park – one of my favourite places in Singapore, and it was a great excuse to pig out on Pizza!

In the summer we changed apartment. The old one was great – but unfortunately the landlord wanted to put the rent up higher than we were prepared to pay – so it was time to change.  We found a nice one-bedroomed flat in a fantastic location – complete with small swimming pool and it seems to be working very well! Here are a few photos of the new place!  Visitors will need to sleep on the sofa though – sorry!

Recent Saturday walks have included checking out the new ‘River Safari’ at the Singapore Zoo, Fort Canning Park and the Istana – home of the Singapore President, and today we took the Cable Car over to Sentosa and the beach. All very enjoyable – Saturday walks are here to stay!

Anyway, that brings you up to date with some of the visits of the last few months. Should be a nice report soon, I’ll be in Hong Kong next week for the first time, and we are having a trip to Cambodia in October!


Love and Hugs,   Trevor, Shanhong  & Teddy  xx