We had another chance for a weekend away – using a hotel voucher from Thai Airways – so took the opportunity to go back to Chiang Mai for the first time since living (and getting married) there.  It was nice to see some old places and meet up with some old friends. So, arriving in the late afternoon it was straight for Thai food – and on to the night market.

The following morning we were ‘real tourists’ starting at the Umbrella Farm – mainly because the artists there will point on anything, and when we took the family during the wedding time, my brother had elephants painted on his jeans, and, as that was 8 years ago – he really wanted some new ones doing!

From there it was on to Tiger Kingdom, a place we had not visited before – where you can get up close with the tigers: very different to be inside the cages with the animals rather than outside looking in.

One moment of fun when we took teddy out of the bag, one very sleepy tiger that had ignored both Shanhong and I got up and started pacing – he did not look happy – we left quickly!

After Tiger Kingdom we stopped off in the Monkey park to see Sam (a performing monkey – who, when given a tip, when straight to the fridge and bought a drink!) and on to meet friends that we used to work with.

The evening saw us at another night market, and the next day we travelled back to Singapore. The next weekend away is booked for Chinese New Year when we’ll be heading to Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

We’ve had some more musicals passing through Singapore – the latest was Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, story of some drag queens crossing Australia! The show was held on Sentosa, Singapore’s beach and fun island – so we took some pics in the chocolate shops! Next week we’ll be back at the theatre for Mamma Mia – the last of the musicals before Christmas (although Cats is here early in the new year!).

So, there you have it – our most recent adventures. My final year of Law has begun, so life is busy again, especially as my books were sent to the wrong address so I started late, but I have now caught up.  We had a one-week holiday in October and joined a coach tour of Taiwan. Not the most exciting of trips, but I will get some reports written to share the photos we took.

If you haven’t been to the website recently – do go see the changes. It’s had an update and now has more of a blog feel. All the old reports are still there though – and some extras that I cannot put into a written document!  Http://www.mrhughes.net  Let me know if you find any broken links – and do go sign the guestmap!

All the best,
Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy