My actual birthday fell on another long weekend, so taking advantage of free flights through a Tiger Airways Credit Card, and using an ‘apartment stay’ rather than a hotel, we were off to Penang! Staying in Georgetown, we got the ‘Hop on, hop off’ tourist bus ticket – and saw whatever was en route!  Hence, first stop – Penang hill and the funicular railway. Penang Hill is 833m (2732ft) above sea level, and the funicular railway was opened in 1923. The track stretches for almost 2km, with the tunnel being the steepest in the world (79m at 28 degrees)! 

Next stop was Kek Lok Si Temple. Built in 1891, this is a large temple complex, where Mahayana Buddhism and traditional Chinese rituals blend into a harmonious whole, both in terms of architecture, and the activities of worshipers.


What Georgetown is famous for, however, is Street Art. To make strolling through Georgetown’s streets a little more interesting, in 2012 the Penang municipal council hired London-trained Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic to spawn awareness of the rich history of the streets through Art. So, our next ‘stop’ was to take a rickshaw cycle through some of the streets of central Georgetown to see some of the different works.

That last pic was actually an ice-cream of sorts – a local ‘delicacy’ and quite delicious! We finished our visit to Penang by simply following the bus route through town, seeing some ‘points of interest’ and ending with street food in one of the best-known hawker centres, (and Chillis’s on another day!).

So, there you have our trip to Penang!  Hope you enjoyed it. No more trips now until the Summer – when we will be back in the UK.    Take care and keep in touch,    Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy xx