You will (hopefully) remember that before Cyprus we had a short break in the South of Devon. So, having returned from Cyprus, we went for a short break in the north of Devon – staying at Barnstaple. On the way down we ticked an item off the bucket list – doing our first ever hot air balloon flight.

On the way down to Devon, we stopped at a British Seaside town, Weston-Super-Mare, and had a walk on the pier – a true British institution! Shanhong got to experience the fun of winning hundreds of tickets, and then I had the fun of seeing her to go to redeem them for prizes and discover 100 tickets = 1 lollipop!

We had a short horseback ride – something we’ve found we quite enjoy – and then went to try another brand new activity – with a lesson in clay-pigeon shooting!

Whilst I quite enjoyed it, it was not to be a favourite for Shanhong – we both had big bruises from the gun recall for the next couple of weeks!

People who have read a number of these reports will know I sometimes like to find unusual places to stay rather than ‘normal hotels’, and so our home in N. Devon was to be Taw Tower, a lookout tower!

We had two ‘trips’ while in North of Devon, the first being to the coast at Ilfracombe

The second, to Dunster, famous for its beautiful castle and working water mill.

Enjoy!!   Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy xx