It has taken me a while to get around to writing these reports – but you will be aware that we spent the summer of 2011 in the US. I spent the first week doing a course at the Principals’ Training Centre on Technology Leadership in the International School while Shanhong enjoyed a lazy time in our beautiful hotel room and walking around this part of Miami.

We ate in – the benefits of a hotel room with kitchenette and a supermarket nearby, and we can highly recommend “New Orleans Dirty Rice”!Of course, staying in Miami meant at least one visit to Miami Beach, and so off we went, in-between visits to the Apple Store (conveniently located just across the parking lot from the hotel!)

After my course, the holiday really began, and it began in style with three full days in Orlando – home of the theme parks!It is impossible to see everything on one trip, so we bought the Disney pass that allowed full access to the four Disney Parks, complete with transport between them, and the shuttle to/from the hotel. Over the course of those next three days, we ventured on every ride, and saw just about every show in all four parks: Walt Disney World, The Epcot Center, Disney Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios. The following photos are just a few of the many happy moments we shared - you are never too old for Disney! Did you notice teddy amusing himself at the airport?These modern children!!

As can probably be seen, we had a great time!Other highlights from Orlando include the best-tasting barbecue Buffalo Wings we have ever tasted (so good we went back after Disney for more, and ate them for breakfast the next morning!) and new bits of tourist clothing for everyone!Even teddy got his “first time in Disney” t-shirt to wear!Of course, we didn’t have a chance to see Universal Studies, or Harry Potter World, or Sea World, or any of other must-see parks of Orlando – so if we ever do go back – there will be plenty more to be seen. But, I do declare Disney Florida ‘done’. Been there, seen that, got the t-shirt!

After Orlando we flew up to New York – had one lazy night (and some HUGE portions of food in Chinatown) before climbing on a bus to tour the East Coast. I guess we won’t do a bus tour again – we prefer independent travel – but it certainly got us to see a lot of places we wouldn’t have otherwise seen – details in the next report!

Take care and keep in touch,

Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy