Having toured the North East with a coachload of others – it was lovely to be back on our own and free to enjoy some time in our own way. Of course, being in New York, one essential for us was some good theatre, so we queued for half-price tickets every day – and in three days saw the following shows on Broadway.

All shows were good in their own way – Baby it’s you! is the story of the founder of the Shirelles – a good storyline and great music!Mary Poppins has a simple set – but is Disney / Cameron Mackintosh at their best. Priscilla is way over the top with outrageous costumes of these cross-dressing entertainers – but lots of laughs!Hair is 60’s love-ins galore – but having the full cast naked at the end of Act 1 was unexpected to say the least. Memphis is good old rock and roll based around an inter-racial romance in the deep South!To be honest, none made the “must see again” mark – (Hair made the “never see again” mark) – but I still enjoy musicals and I’m glad we saw a few while in New York.

Other than musicals, most of our days were spent with simple shopping with a ride on the subway, and a trip to Teddy’s favourite shop where he bought himself a very special New York Police Department Shirt! Doesn’t he look cute? Of course Shanhong and I also bought a couple of tourist shirts!

One full day was spent enjoying the sunshine – we rented bicycles and cycled around Central Park – the following photos may not look like they are in New York, but I assure you they were!We had a lovely surprise at the end too, when Ben & Jerry’s pulled up to hand out free ice-cream. My mum knows how much I like that brand!

So there you have it – our Summer 2011 trip to the United States!It had its highlights – we obviously loved Disney and would be happy to return to Orlando to the other theme parks. The bus tour took us to some great places, but if we decided to tour any part of the States again – we’d rent a vehicle and do it alone!Theatre is always good – but surprisingly Broadway was no cheaper than London. If we were to go back to the States sometime, I am pretty sure it would be a different part. My sister went to San Francisco – my nephew is having his honeymoon in Las Vegas – I quite fancy a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon… but who knows. There are other places I would rather see - and closer/cheaper too – so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, Christmas will be Beihai this year, and then the school trip to Israel at Easter. Hopefully we’ll get back to UK too – otherwise that will be the Summer – but my nephew and his new wife want to visit us in Beihai in the summer – so lots still to be decided. If I get anything booked – you’ll be the first to know!

Next report will be the new apartment here in Singapore – only rented – but a nice place to stay – we like it a lot more than the old place, even though there is no pool.

Take Care and Keep in touch,

With Love,

Trevor, Shanhong and Teddy xx