Day 5 was our last ‘docking’ – this time on the island of Haiti, but at a private RCI resort just for the cruise liner. It gave us the chance to try one of the longest ziplines in the world over water, and then a lazy sunbathe. Food was incredible, the local artisan market was interesting, and all said, it was a really nice lazy day on a perfect beach!

We returned to the boat for another concert and more on-ship entertainment (such as Shanhong taking part in a demo of making animals from towels!). The final day was an ‘at sea’ day – so we went to see the final ship show – a performance of the musical “Cats” (with great seats) and a chance to have a photo taken on stage!

For the final set of pics, let’s return to a recurring theme – Food! One of the things we enjoy is ‘dressing up’ and going for ‘posh’ food – it is not our normal evening routine – so it becomes a special part of the trip. So here we are, tucking in to an amazing selection – both waited on, and buffet style.

Hope you have enjoyed the cruise reports, off to Vegas next! Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy xxx