While in Beihai in April, we followed another Chinese tradition, of having ‘official Wedding Photos’ taken. Whilst a little unusual for me, used to the ‘amateur’ photos taken on the special day, the Chinese system does ensure some rather ‘special’ photos to celebrate the event. Here are some of ours, for my mum to share with her friends – and for all those who have asked in letters to see a wedding photo. No doubt we will get some amateur pics on the day in July – no idea how well those will turn out – so these are probably going to be the best.


The observant amongst you would have noticed teddy was there to partake in the big event – he really does come everywhere – dressed appropriately in a borrowed black bow-tie! Of course, the ‘package’ includes a choice of dresses – and Shanhong took advantage of the deal to try a few others. The one below is her own, made in Shanghai when Teresa and Sarah visited, but the others were all ‘supplied’ by the photograph agency. The suit above and below is mine – the one I will be wearing in our wedding ceremony (also made in Shanghai).>


Of course, when Shanhong discovered that the groom is not meant to see the dress in advance, she had another made secretly – so this one is now reserved for the reception! Wedding dresses in China do not have to be white, and Shanhong has always liked Yellow, so you can probably guess where this is going!


We also dressed up in traditional Chinese costumes to provide some balance – I may look a little stupid – but there is no doubting how good Shanhong looks!


Much as I liked all the studio pictures, the best, I felt, were those taken out on the beach and on the rocks – I hope you like these as much as we do.

If anyone is going to be in Northern Thailand on the 28th July, do join us for the proper wedding ceremony! We are now looking forward to the next visit to Beihai, when the photo company presents us with the digital album, it should be good – and will also be added to this website.

Love ‘n’ Hugs, Trevor & Shanhong xx