Two more daytrips in this report! The first was actually just an evening trip – a sunset ride with barbecue. We were picked up at the hotel and driven out to Red Rock, the edge of the desert, where we mounted up and followed a trek through the scruffland as day turned to night. It ended with perhaps the best food of the whole trip – absolutely scrummy steak, potato and salad with beans etc – and huge portions too – this plate is after Shanhong stole half!. This was probably my favourite trip from Las Vegas. The last photos are from the company website.

The next trip was a very full day with an early pickup and drive out to Hoover Dam where we got in the water – you can see the dam in the background of the first few pics. For those who are interested, Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the border between the states of Nevada and Arizona. Constructed in the 1930s by a six-company conglomerate, it was completed 2 years earlier than scheduled, but at a cost of more than 100 lives. The dam’s generators provide power for the states of Nevada, Arizona and California. It is also a major tourist attraction visited by almost one million people a year. From the dam it was a 7 hour Kayak down the river! I loved it – Shanhong tired early and didn’t enjoy the last few hours at all.

Unfortunately, although we remembered sun cream for face/arms etc – I appear to have missed it on my legs. The result of 7 hours on water in 42 degrees sun was sunburn like I’ve never had it before – shivers, pain, and then the best blisters ever! You get an idea from these two photos. So kids, when mum says put suncream on, do it!!

That’s it for this time – just one more USA report to go – we’re off to the Grand Canyon!   Trevor, Shanhong & Teddy